Our Winter Service Program is a great way to keep your pool in good condition during the long, hard, cold days of winter. All too often the pool is closed and forgotten until opened in the spring. This neglect, even if the pool is closed correctly, can cause staining and algae growth to the plaster.

Winter Service will assist in a cleaner pool when it is opened, less return maintenance visits to get the pool chemically balanced and reduce the possibility of costly damage to the plaster or vinyl liner.

Our Pool Maintenance and Water Chemistry Division will come out on a monthly basis, clean the pool cover of debris and drain off any excess water, check the chemical balance and add chemicals if needed, brush the pool sides, backwash the filter and perform a general inspection of the equipment.

Winter Service is recommended on a monthly basis but can be performed every other month or as requested. For more information on Winter Service or to schedule a cleaning please call or email our office.