Many clients in the fall cover their pools for the winter. This approach protects the pool from falling leaves and other debris in addition to reducing the maintenance required when the pool is open.

There are three types of cover available on the market today ranging in price, safety and durability. Careful consideration should be given before purchasing and having a cover installed to ensure that the right choice is made the first time.

Automatic Covers

These covers are very expensive and remain a permanent feature of the pool after installation. The cover can be operated either by hand or by an automatic crank system. The cover is stored in a well usually located at the deep end of the pool which can either be recessed into the deck or mounted on top of the deck.

Mesh Covers

These covers stretch out over the pool surface and are secured by means of spring straps. The straps are attached to the deck area using brass anchors. When the cover is removed, these anchors are recessed into the deck. Mesh covers are permeable so preventing water buildup on the cover after rain and come in a selection of colors to match your outdoor décor. They are durable, relatively easy to install and remove and store neatly. Mesh covers are highly recommended.

Solid Covers

These covers sit on top of the water and are secured via means of water bags. These covers are not safety covers and are hazardous if you have children or animals. Although they work well in covering the pool they have a tendency to fill with leaves and water that in turn need to be cleaned and removed on a regular basis. A small submersible pump is desirable to ensure that water is removed from the cover surface on a regular basis. Many clients often complain about the unsightly look of the water bags. Solid covers are the most inexpensive type of cover and come in a selection on colors.

Buckhead Pool Service can assist you with your decision process in choosing the cover that is right for you. In addition, our professional Repair Division will mount your new cover* and ensure that the equipment is properly set up for the winter months ahead.