Installing a salt system on your pool is a great way to sanitize the water without using chlorine based chemicals. In recent years more and more of these systems are being installed on both new and existing pools. Salt water pools are popular with people who consider themselves sensitive or allergic to chlorine.

Most people do not purchase salt water systems for the sole purpose of saving money on chemicals. The units are purchase for increased swimmer comfort and the soft feel of the water. Having said this, there is a cost savings on the chemicals used although it probably takes approximately 2-3 years for the system to pay for itself.

Balancing chemicals are still required on a regular basis and on occasion shock is added to assist in water sanitation, especially if the salt system is not operating within normal parameters or if the salt is not dissolving correctly due to cool water temperatures.

Salt systems are compatible with all standard pool equipment including pumps, filters, heaters, and automatic cleaning systems. If you have a stainless steel filter tank however it is advisable to check with an industry professional prior to installing or having the unit installed.

Salt is added to the pool on a regular basis, normally in the deep end, and quickly dissolves into the water. Salt levels should be closely monitored and maintained on a weekly basis.

Bottom line? Salt water systems provide excellent water clarity, water quality, ease of use and a cost savings on the amount of chemicals used. Please click on the attached link for more information on salt systems or call Buckhead Pool Service or email our office.

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