At some point in time older pools are going to need a major face lift. Tile, coping, plaster, steps, rails, decking and equipment may need replacing, fixing or repairing. Trying to save money on a quality renovation can cause both short and long term problems. Make sure the job is done right. Call, Buckhead Pool Service!

As with any good renovation time should be spent considering what needs to be done and the budget available to work with. Many times renovations can cause a domino effect of necessary repairs. As an example, if the decision has been made to plaster the pool close attention should be paid to the tile line. If the tile is falling off or badly cracked the optimum time to replace it is when the pool is plastered. The same principle applies to the coping. If the coping is loose and beginning to crumble it may not be possible to only replace a few pieces without the rest of the coping falling apart at the time of repair.

In short, be prepared! It is always advisable to get a written estimate of any repairs that are needed including those which you may only be considering. This will give you a good estimate of the costs involved before starting any project.

Costs can fluctuate considerably based upon what you are looking for so try and be specific in regards to your needs. Do you want limestone coping or brick coping? Will the pool have a pebble finish or a regular plaster finish? Cost overruns are not uncommon on renovation projects but can be kept to a minimum if you know what you want up front and stay within those parameters.