Swimming pool and spa inspections are an essential part of house buying. Making sure the pool and spa are in good condition and operate correctly at the time of purchase is important. But what about six months down the road?

Many times the equipment shows signs of wear and tear, parts are worn, pumps leaking and pipes in need of repair. In addition, heaters may need to be serviced and inspected and filters broken down and cleaned.

We can assist in saving you time and money before you purchase your house by inspecting the pool and spa and providing you with a comprehensive report on the condition of the equipment and surrounding structures. This way you know what you are getting and the potential for any problems that may lie ahead.

A proposal to repair or replace any faulty equipment or parts can be generated by us within 48hrs of the inspection. This proposal will detail any costs that may be incurred and assist in providing you with peace of mind. Be safe not sorry! Make sure you have Buckhead Pool Service inspect your pool or spa before you by that house.

Pool and spa inspections must be scheduled at least 48hrs prior to inspection date. Buckhead Pool Service ONLY accepts credit cards for inspections. Credit card information must be received by our office 24hrs prior to the inspection or appointment(s) will be cancelled.