Our ‘Technical Repair Division’ has over 25 years combined experience working on all types of pool and spa systems. From basic plumbing and repair problems to full scale renovation projects and equipment replacement there is no better company to choose than Buckhead Pool Service.

Depending upon the age and condition of your pool repairs may be frequent or few and far between. Basic pool equipment consists of a pump and filter although today’s pools have a wide range of different equipment, operating systems and other options available.

In addition to the pump and filter, equipment can also include a heater, booster pumps, salt systems and chlorinator. Operating systems such as salt, automatic control units and wave pattern machines add additional equipment and electronics into the mix.

Never forget. The more equipment, parts and systems installed on your pool the more likelihood there is for a problem. Many times basic maintenance and routine checks can prevent expensive and major problems. Installing system safe guards such a lightning protection kits, time clocks and automatic freeze guards and lighting protection kits can also assist in preventing problems and are highly recommended.

A yearly evaluation and check of your equipment is also a smart thing to do. DE filters should be broken down and cleaned at least once a year, impellors checked for debris, heaters cleaned thoroughly and any old valves lubed. Pipes and fittings should also be carefully inspected for leaks and cracks.

The pool itself and surrounding areas should not be forgotten either. Is the coping safe? Does the deck need pressure washing from slime and mold? Do the skimmer mouths need patching to prevent water loss? Are ladders, diving boards and steps secured? Evaluating and performing preventative maintenance on your pool yearly will contribute to a safe and enjoyable swimming season with less potential for repairs and damage.

Our Technical Repair Division works Monday through Friday. Our emergency paging service is also available after hours and on weekends. The emergency system is only for clients who have an existing account already set up with us.

We are members of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and also a warranty repair center for RayPak® and Laars® heaters and Jandy® control systems. The technical expertise and professionalism of our employees ensure that the job is always done right the first time.

For more information on repairs or to schedule an appointment with the Technical Repair Division please call or email our office.