Cleaning units are a hassle free and essential part of keeping your pool clean and free of leaves and other small debris. Although many types of cleaning units are available Buckhead Pool Service recommends and sells only those manufactured by Polaris®.

Polaris® offers a wide selection of cleaning units designed for use in most pools. These units also come in a selection of colors and operate either using the pools own equipment or by installing a booster pump.

The units are easy to remove from the pool and clean and can be set to run for a few hours each day using a time clock. They are highly recommended for general cleaning in between regular service visits.

The optimum power source for operating these units is a booster pump. This pump ensures that the Polaris® works aggressively during the time it is set to run. If your pool is not equipped to run a cleaning unit with booster pump, our Technical Repair Division can, in most cases make the necessary changes to install one.

Other less powerful models are also available and require little installation expertise. These models however are slower and appear less efficient than those using a booster pump. A booster pump operated unit is therefore preferable

For more information on Polaris® or having one installed in your pool please either call or email our office.