A chlorine wash in the spring or fall months is a great way to get your vinyl liner pool clean and looking almost like new. Unlike gunite pools where muratic acid is used, vinyl liner pools are cleaned with chlorine.

First the pool is drained and then hosed down. A mild solution of chlorine is then applied to the vinyl surface. In most cases, the surface will need to be brushed vigorously to assist in removing any stubborn stains and algae growth.

The pool is then hosed down again and filled with water. Once full, the water is chemically balanced and the equipment primed and started. The result! A clean looking pool that’s ready to use when you are.

Care always has to be taken when cleaning a vinyl liner because of the potential to puncture the liner itself. If your liner is old and starting to show signs of wear it is advisable to have the liner carefully evaluated before chlorine wash is started.

Cost depends on the size and condition of your pool. For more information or a free evaluation please call or email our office to schedule an appointment.